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Corner Connection Coming Back to Great Park Neighborhood – Parasol Park

Why go to a stranger when your next door neighbor can serve your needs!
When you come to the Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine, you get to meet and have the opportunity to have relationships with your neighbors in different ways. You get to support your friends who are local business owners. At our quarterly Corner Connection meet, we get together and share what we do with our neighbors because we love doing what we do. And if you have a business yourself, why not help your neighbors with their needs? This neighborhood is more than just a neighborhood, it’s a thriving community.
Imagine making these connections:

-Meeting your friends at the park for an amazing morning workout with a personal trainer
-Being able to drop off your kids at Bhavna’s neighborhood preschool and head to work.
-Finding Robert in the neighborhood common room to make sure you have all the right insurance coverages.
-Bushra can get some amazing room scents freshen up your home for your huge weekend party.
-Booking DJ Sudeep at your weekend party to jam to some house music.
-You sip coffee with Anshul down the street and discuss retirement financials.
-Getting to talk with Viki at the clubhouse to get some coaching to take YOUR business to the next level.
-At the Great Park, Phil has the knowledge of trails to head out with family to the Orange Balloon by e-bike.

Are you ready to come home to the Great Park Neighborhoods?