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Saman Babaee

Dear Maria,
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Saman, a 21-year-old international business student from the Netherlands, writing to express my interest in joining your company. I am passionate about real estate and eager to contribute to your team.
I have a solid background in international business, gaining insights into global markets and strategic business operations during my studies. What sets me apart is my genuine love for real estate. I’ve dedicated time to understand the industry, and your company’s reputation for excellence has captured my attention.
I am also willing to work for free initially to prove my dedication and learn from your experienced team. To make this happen, I would appreciate your support with visa sponsorship to work in the USA. I am committed to following all legal procedures and obtaining the necessary authorizations.
Upon my arrival, I promise to obtain a real estate license to enhance my qualifications and align with your company’s standards. I am excited about the possibility of contributing to your team and would love the opportunity to discuss further.
Thank you, I am available for an interview at your convenience.
Looking forward to your response,
Best regards,
Saman Babaee