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Earth Day Picnic at the Great Park Neighborhoods – Pavilion Park


Imagine sitting on the Pavilion Park big lawn with friends and family, enjoying a picnic on a beautiful spring day? That’s what the Earth Day Picnic was for us! The HOA provided boxed lunches for families or you could bring your own food. They had a bird feeder, kids created recycled origami crafts, and adults watched a container garden demonstration. Families also played lawn games, explored the Tide Pool and had a visit from the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center. And have you ever done Yoga in the park? It’s such a breath of fresh air and exercise for mind, body and soul!

Our residents also brought their Orange Bicycle, which every resident who buys at the Great Park Neighborhood receives, and could get adjustments to their bike! With all the trails in Irvine and near our neighborhoods, we geared up for spring and summer rides. I can’t wait!

This event took place near our greenhouse. Everyone who lives at Great Park Neighborhoods can enjoy this one-of-a-kind signature structure. The gathering spot for farm-to-table dinners, gardening classes, vertical gardens and more. Come check it out sometime, and you’re sure to appreciate nature and our surroundings.

Hope you enjoyed Earth Day with your family!